How to Maintain a Larger Garden With Little Effort

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How to Maintain a Larger Garden With Little Effort

14 November 2016
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In Australian cities, urban development has led to smaller and smaller gardens. However, in many suburban settings and in most typical Aussie towns, larger gardens are still very much in evidence. Especially in the south of the country, where the rigour of the sun is less intense, gardens tend to be devoted to planting and this can create something of a challenge in terms of maintenance for bigger ones.

If you own a property with a larger than average outdoor area, then it might be tempting to concrete over large sections of it. However, this can be a great shame, particularly when you consider the various horticultural methods there are for maintaining a garden efficiently. Let's take a look at some of the easiest ways of keeping a big garden looking green.

Minimise Weed Growth

One of the most labour intensive things that you can do in a garden is to weed it. However, if you don't pull out vigorous and invasive plants regularly then they can take over. If you want to keep on top of weeds, but are not interested in spending hours hoeing and trowelling in your beds, then be prepared to use an organic weed killer. Use one with a spray nozzle which can be directed exactly where you need it so that plants that are growing where they should be are unaffected. Organic weed killers are generally better for wildlife, too, helping to keep your planting pollinated by insects.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy

Lawns are popular because they are easy to maintain. Lawn mowers should be set to their lowest blade level to reduce the number mount of times you will need to trim your grass over the course of a growing season. For larger gardens, ride on lawn mowers are the obvious choice. The extra investment needed to purchase one is soon paid back due to the amount of time you save by using one. Rake your lawn once a year to keep moss growth to a minimum and remove clippings.

Install Decking

Low maintenance areas of a garden are often full of growth from pots or planters. However, to make sure you don't need to keep gardening all the time, it is best to install these items on a deck where they can be moved easily and where weeds are blocked out. Decking works well in larger gardens because it offers a compromise between hard and soft landscaping. It is easy to maintain and only needs a brush over to keep it looking new compared with the effort of digging weeds out of patio mortar. Decking is also a great low maintenance option to install around a pool, if your garden is large enough to have one.

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