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15 November 2021
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Are you a gardener? Maybe you are responsible for managing an open space with plenty of flowers and other plants. If you have spent any time working outside, you will know that one of the problems gardeners face is the continual growth of weeds. You may put a lot of effort into caring for your plants, but alongside the ones you want, there will always be weeds that will grow without any help from you. Read More …

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Eating from your tiny yard

I'm trying to get more fresh and healthy food into my diet, but it can be very expensive to buy food particularly if you want to eat organic or less-common vegetables. To get around this, I am starting to grow more of my food in my yard as you can grow quite a lot in even a small space. It's a learning curve to see what foods get the best results, but it's worth it to know where my food is coming from. I'm tracking my progress on this blog, and it should be a useful resource for other folks with a tiny yard.