Mulch Delivery Preparation Tips

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Mulch Delivery Preparation Tips

20 October 2020
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Maintaining healthy vegetation on your property mostly boils down to how well you take care of plants. One way of ensuring that your crops remain blooming is by applying top quality mulch. Unfortunately, many property owners do not prepare well for the delivery of mulch after ordering. Notably, all the time and effort you spend looking for high-grade mulch will count for nothing if you do not have a place to unload it. This article highlights mulch delivery preparation tips.

1. Request for Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is standard in most home-based services, and it is not any different regarding mulch. The concept works well for homeowners that do not want a delivery truck to drive through their lawn. Upon arrival, delivery personnel unload mulch on a driveway and carry it to a customer's yard with a wheelbarrow. However, most service providers charge additional fees for last-mile mulch delivery. Therefore, you need to compare the rates of different providers to get value for money.

2. Cover Your Driveway 

One reason why most homeowners do not want track drivers passing through their lawn to deliver mulch is that the vehicles can crush the grass, plumbing, and irrigation system. Therefore, if you plan to have mulch delivered on your driveway, cover its surface with breathable material. The reason is that dump mulch can quickly stain a concrete driveway, especially if you ordered a considerable amount. Cleaning mulch stains on a driveway requires significant effort, which can easily be avoided by covering it. A breathable material also eliminates the need to sweep away mulch lodged inside driveway cracks.

3. Determine the Quantity

How much mulch are you expecting? How long do you expect to use it before ordering another batch? It is essential to ask yourself such questions to allocate enough space for storing mulch. For instance, if mulch will be delivered in a ute, it might not be a good idea to unload it on a driveway that is the same size as the trailer. You have to account for the mulch occupying the height of a ute's bed. If you unloaded the mulch on a small surface area, you are likely to lose a portion of it, forcing you to either reduce the amount you apply on each plant or order some more mulch. The best strategy is to prepare an area that can accommodate twice the amount of the mulch you ordered.

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