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Buying Your First Chainsaw: 5 Things to Consider

10 October 2022
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Are you in the market for your first chainsaw? If so, you might wonder what to look out for when making your purchase. Here is a guide to five features to keep in mind when shopping for a chainsaw. 1. Engine Size  The engine size is one of the most important things to look for when buying a chainsaw. The engine size will determine how powerful the chainsaw is and how well it will perform. Read More …

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I'm trying to get more fresh and healthy food into my diet, but it can be very expensive to buy food particularly if you want to eat organic or less-common vegetables. To get around this, I am starting to grow more of my food in my yard as you can grow quite a lot in even a small space. It's a learning curve to see what foods get the best results, but it's worth it to know where my food is coming from. I'm tracking my progress on this blog, and it should be a useful resource for other folks with a tiny yard.