4 Skip Bin Hiring Considerations for Your Home Gardening Project

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4 Skip Bin Hiring Considerations for Your Home Gardening Project

29 August 2016
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If you plan on doing a small gardening project, hiring a skip bin can be a cost-effective and convenient option for waste disposal. With a skip bin, you can effectively dispose of all gardening waste if you have prior information regarding the estimated amount of waste you will generate. However, you will need to determine the right size of a skip bin for your gardening needs. This article highlights a few considerations when hiring a skip bin for home gardening projects.

Location of the Bin -- In Australia, most states will require that you get a permit when you want to place a skip bin on public property such as road shoulders and footpaths. Therefore, it is recommended that when you hire a skip bin, you should put it on your property to minimize the total cost of bin hire.

Size Matters -- Large skip bins will definitely cost more than small ones. Before hiring a bin, try to estimate the amount of waste your gardening project will generate. The capacity of waste that a skip bin can carry is measured in cubic meters. Determine this measurement if you want to avoid ordering a small bin. Understand that hiring two small bins in place of one large bin can also be more expensive.

Transporting Waste -- Remember that when you hire a bin, you will be held liable for any irregular waste disposal. Therefore, if you are doing the transportation to a local landfill, make sure that the lid on the bin is locked so that waste does not overflow and litter the road. If someone will transport the waste on your behalf, it is prudent to note details such as date and time of disposal, type of waste, the destination of the waste and who will be doing the transportation, just in case of any legal issues.  

Cost-Sharing -- If you and your neighbors are doing gardening projects at the same time, you might consider sharing the cost of hiring a large bin. You will then place the bin at a central location; thus, both of you will have to share the cost of the permit required to put the bin on public property. Alternatively, you could do away with this cost by filling the same skip bin in turns. You could then agree who will make the delivery to the local landfill or disposal area. Cost-sharing, when hiring bins, ensures that your neighborhood has well-maintained gardens while all of you get to keep some money in your pockets.

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