Three types of supplies you should buy if you want to build a garden walkway

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Three types of supplies you should buy if you want to build a garden walkway

20 May 2019
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If you have decided to create a walkway in your garden, here are three supplies you will need to buy.

A bag of sand and a bag of cement

If you want the new walkway in your garden to stand the test of time, it is best to make it with concrete. This is a stable and robust material that will remain in excellent condition, even if it is positioned in an area which is very wet, cold, hot or windy.

In order to create this type of walkway, you will need to buy a bag of sand and a bag of cement. When mixed with water, these ingredients will form concrete.

If you will be having the items delivered to your property by some local cement and sand delivery businesses, then you should spend the day or two that it takes for these goods to arrive prepping the area where the walkway will be laid (that is, digging into the soil to create the opening for the sub-base and the concrete). This will ensure that when the bags from these businesses are delivered, you will be ready to start mixing the concrete and creating the walkway then and there.

New flowers to plant along the edges

It's also worth buying some new flowers that you can plant along the edges of the walkway after you have created it. The reason for this is as follows; an unadorned, plain concrete walkway in a garden could look a bit stark and out of place. By adding some flowers to the edges of it (particularly ones that have petals which are in the same colour family as the other flowers in your garden), you can brighten up this new feature and ensure that it blends in with the rest of your outdoor space.

A set of stake-style garden ground lights

Another supply that you should add to your shopping list if you want to carry out this type of garden project is a set of stake-style ground lights. These lights are usually LED-powered and, as their name suggests, have a stake-like shape that allows them to be driven into the soil very easily. After they have been inserted into the soil in this manner, they will remain fixed in an upright position. 

Adding some of these to the sides of the structure, beside the aforementioned flowers, will illuminate this walkway and thus make it usable late at night, which could be useful if you like to host parties in your garden during the summer evenings.

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